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Our Livestock

Highland Cows

The Scottish Highland breed produces meat that is considered premium beef because of the lean, marbled flesh that results in tender, flavorful cuts. A slow-maturing breed, calves are not butchered until they reach 24 to 30 months. While this results in a slow turn around, it contributes to the tenderness and succulent taste of the meat. Research in the US and UK also suggests that Highland beef is healthier than other types of beef, being lower in fat and cholesterol and higher in iron and protein.

While Scottish Highland cattle are recognizable by their shaggy hair and bangs, there are several advantages to raising them that might not be so well known. The cows are notable for their good mothering and protective natures, and the breed is hardy and resilient and able to thrive on very low input from the breeder. Originating in the Scottish Highlands and coastal islands, they are able to adapt to rough terrain and different climates. They are also good foragers and often used to clean up and improve poor pastures, thriving and converting feed to beef in conditions considered unsuitable for other breeds.


Goat meat is one of the most widely consumed meats worldwide and arguably the healthiest meat option available. While high in protein and iron, it has fewer calories than other meat, including beef, lamb, and pork, and less fat than any other meat, including chicken! In addition to the health benefits, goat meat, or chevron, is a tender, lean meat with a savory taste. It can be prepared multiple ways, including grilled, roasted, stewed, curried, barbecued, or made into sausage or bratwurst.

Our goats are mostly hybrids of meat breeds such as Spanish, Kiko, Savanah, and Boer. Most meat breeds are specifically bred to produce heavily muscled goats, while Spanish varieties are particularly hardy, well-adapted survivors. At Homecoming Ranch, our goal is to breed a commercial goat that is perfectly adapted to forage and thrive on the local terrain so we can offer healthy meat to customers and excellent breeding stock to local farmers.

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