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We are dedicated to building high trust relations with our customers by providing high quality Highland Beef and goat meat

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Baker Family

Honesty ~ Individual Worth

Strength of will ~ Humility

Integrity ~ Self Reliance

Eternal Progression

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Free Range

Grass Fed

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Homecoming Ranch will provide our customers with toxin free, healthy livestock products raised by high grass-fed and free range or pasture raised standards. We will earn the trust of our working partners and vendors by providing a good product, being consistent and fun to work with. We will provide a place for members of our community to share the joy of a family farm. We will create the opportunity to live the life of our choosing on a well-run profitable farm that allows us to be self-reliant and contribute to the well-being of others.


The Homecoming Ranch will be a place for family and friends to gather. We will share a wholesome farm experience with children and their families. We will live life on our own terms as we raise healthy animals free of toxins. Our farm will be a working expression of our values. We will live faithfully and strive to magnify all of our callings.​